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Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta

Bagpipe lessons

Are you interested in to learn this wonderful instrument? Therefor, there are two possibilities:
1st - you look after a pipe band close to your home, who teach beginners.
2nd - you take a teacher for one-to-one lessons.

For a private teacher, there are two possibilities again:
1st - the teacher is close to your home and you visit him.
2nd - the teacher is far away and you get the lessons via Skype.

Before you buy a set of bagpipes, you should know, that you can do a lot of mistakes when you buy a set of bagpipes without guidance. First you should go to the teacher without material. He would givwe you some advices what you need.

In the first time, you don't need a set of bagpipes. The fingertechnique and the first tunes you will learn on the practice chanter. This is a practice instrument which would be your practice instrument during the whole piper's live. It is a mouth blown practice flute which has the same finger technique as the chanter in the set of bagpipes.

Motivation, talent and application determine the first tone on the set of bagpipes. It can be faster or slower, it is up to you. It averages a half or one year. But you won't play the full set at once. You will be adjust to it slowly. You must build your condition amd learn to breath and press in a good manner. When you listen to your teacher and have the necessary patience, you will be a good piper.

To learn this instrument, you mustn't have previous knowledge. minimum age is ten years, you can start earlier with the practice chanter. It is not important when you are an elderly person. You can start in each age. Everybody - elderly persons, too - is able to learn playing the bagpipes. It is only a question of motivation, ability and application. Persons who mean they're unmusical, are able to learn it. Many persons believe they're unmusical, but they're not! They didn't play an instrument before, have no knowledge, but sometimes they have a talent what they didn't know.

Should I awake your interest, please contact me. In a dialog in advance, I can answer all questions. I give lessons for beginners, via Skype, too.

Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta

Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta Bagpiper Dagmar Pesta

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